Mixed Emotions

Gone are the days when the recipe for landing the job of your dreams was a one-page resume, a dash of charm, and a heaping serving of hope. The path that led Baby Boomers to success is a dead end for millennials living in a world where competition is fierce and comparison is the norm. So how the hell do you stand out in all that noise and get noticed by the people who matter most?

You build a personal brand they can't resist.

Pauleanna Reid, a journalist, ghostwriter, and millennial mentor, and Andrew Nguyen, a branding connoisseur and digital strategist have partnered up for Mixed Emotions, a no-nonsense guide to personal branding that works. Reid and Nguyen have different perspectives and paths to success, but the result is the same - personal brands that are killin' the game. Both founders of successful 6-figure businesses before their 30th birthdays (against all odds), Reid and Nguyen tap into more than a decade of combined entrepreneurial and corporate experience to help you get clear on who you are, what you want, and how to get people to pay attention.

This book includes more than 300 tips on:

  • Creating a head-turning online presence

  • Establishing your expertise

  • Developing professional relationships

  • Building an audience that matters

  • Hacking your brain for productivity

  • Bouncing back from failure

...and so much more.

Mixed Emotions isn't a magic formula for success (because there isn't one), but it's the next best thing: real, raw, practical advice from people who've walked in your shoes and want to see you win.

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