The Art of Getting Sh*t Done


My life has always been about getting sh*t done. From walking before the age of 1 to being a serial entrepreneur, mother of 2, college graduate, and married by the age of 22. I have been able to get sh*t done, regardless of all the obstacles that have come my way or the cards that have been systematically stacked against me. People are constantly amazed at the things I do and are shocked at the fact that I can even do them in the first place. Truth be told, I don’t have any secret 12 step formulas or 4-hour productivity routines. I have a specific mindset, where every day when I wake up I can say to myself “today I am going to get sh*t done”. I have learned that Getting sh*t done isn't a science with some magic formula, it is an art. We all have limited resources and are tasked with the job of creating the rainbow of our lives. My life has been a beautiful rainbow of adventures and misadventures, including launching various companies, some failing miserably while others made over thousands, being a teen mom, being on food stamps, suffering from depression, graduating college, attending Harvard and much more. Now its time to share my story. This book was written to teach dreamers and doers the beautiful magic and creativity that goes into getting sh*t done. You'll want to read this book if you're either an entrepreneur, creative, innovator or someone who aspires to be one of the above; you're struggling with your to-do-list and things keep getting in your way, stopping you from following through and you’re ready for a change; you want to get into a less-dreaming, more-doing state of mind; or, you simply want to hear a good story.

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