meet artist you should know : Stheven Rodriguez

My name is Stheven Rodriguez I am 23 years old and reside in Kearny, NJ. I am one of 4 children. Growing up I've always looked up to my older brother since my father was around.

He was the "Hiphop head" in my family so I got really into music at a young age. As a younger kid I really didn't understand the lyrics but as I got older I understood more and more, I kept listening to those who's lyrics mostly impressed me than those who just had songs with a nice beat. I was brought up on the pioneers of Hiphop.

Until I was about 18 I came across a rapper named Mac Miller and when I found out how young he was I felt like I can do music too. I was amazed how talented he was at such a young age, seeing someone as young as I was only inspired me and I felt like I was able to do anything I put my mind into. I've been writing music for about 4 years now. In 2014 I dropped my first mixtape called Escape To Paradise which had songs I've wrote from the previous years. After the mixtape I had put out 11 singles, the two major ones were "I Thought I Told You" and "Christmas In Jersey".  Since those songs I've was working on my latest mixtape called "DayDreaming On Elm Street" which for me was very important and influential. This mixtape contains a lot of personal situations along with mind awakening lyrics.

I want to be influential .. Someone who people say that look up to, listen to my music for positivity and feel they can relate/connect with me. As dedicated as I am to music I'm also dedicated to school. I'm currently enrolled in college studying biology and pursuing a career in pharmecudical, hoping to one day be a pharmecudical chemist. 

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