Exclusive look Inside the Global Citizen Festival —- South Africa


Mags Shivanda recently attended the Global Citizens dinner & Festival in Johannesburg South Africa. Here’s all the excitement that went down exclusively for MadisonJaye.com


For me I have only attended 1 concert in South Africa of that magnitude in 2017 called #FillUPFNB, funny enough the Global Citizen concert was at the same venue. Our country is still not advanced when it comes to that type of an event, so it was really amazing to be there. I know all of my friends who didn’t make an effort to go regretted their choice on the day. It was magical!

The first time I heard about Tata Nelson Mandela was in 1990, I was 7 years at the time and he was released out of prison. I just saw on the news and how happy my family was, including the vibe in my community. People had hope for a better South Africa because of this man. Fast forward 1994 we had our first ever democratic elections, he was at the forefront, our very first Black President. The hope had become much higher in my community by then. I was a young girl who lived in the informal settlements with my mom, in 2000 our government build my mom a new home ( Government subsidy housing - commonly known as RDP houses). In 2003 it was time for me to go to university and the government my mom voted for in 1994 made sure I go to school. I graduated in 2006 and have never looked back ever since. Until last year when I realised that it’s also my responsibility to help the people were I came from. So Mandela’s legacy has impacted me to become an active citizen within my community and pay it forward, after what he did for our country.



I loved the whole message about Global Citizen, it was my first time this year hearing about them at the impact thy have made Globally. So all the speeches opened my eyes to what the rest of the world is going through, including us in South Africa.

I loved our local artists – ShoMajozi & Cassper Nyovest’s performances. They made me so proud and they poured their hearts and souls into the stage. Pharrel was also amazing.

To experience Beyonce in person, I was numb throughout her performance and with Jay-Z lol, I was weak, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She is amazing. I owe myself to go watch her show again and this time I will be awake alert. I will take pictures and videos, because Iwas so weak I even forgot to capture the moment.

The energy was intensely amazing at the festival. I saw one girl being carried out the paramedics because she fainted. People were crying, screaming, singing, and just staring ( that was me).. The vibe wonderful, we were all in-synced.

The spirituality embedded the festival. It left everyone bathing in worthiness,

that we are worthy of greatness, that’s we are capable to become whoever we want to be and we also need to become better human beings to ourselves and each other.

I will never forget being apart of history, Over 7billion dollars was raised and it will impact over 130 million people and I was a part of that? this give me hope for a better future for my continent and for my people.

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