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Hey Babes,

As an owner of a Dope Clothing Boutique several times a year I travel to find New Designers, New Looks to add to my Boutique. Which is almost the same as you shopping for your closet or wardrobe.

Man what a weekend I had, I traveled to the West Coast to shop with new designers for a new look for My Secret Treasures Boutique. The Airlines did me dirty but when I finally landed I was ready to do what I came to do.

Sunday I took a few fashion and manufacturers seminars because things are always changing. It's more difficult to connect fashion with technology but that connection is a must to draw in clients to your business.

Monday I was ready to shop the huge rooms of Fashion, it was time to curate the new Fall Looks for the boutique and I was excited! Below are some main things I take into consideration before I purchase and stock new items for MSTB.


  • The Feel I'm Going For  (the look of boutique)
  • Will My Current Clients Wear It?
  • How Functional Is The Item? (Multiple uses or wears)
  • My Purchasing Price Compare To My Selling Price
  • Will The Item Change My Current Clients? (Aiming for New Clients)
  • How Many Can I Afford to Stock?
  • Projection of Profit

So you see this will take some time when you're shopping for more than one item but it will save you money and time later on. 

Now when you shop for personal clothes, do you shop seasons or whenever you need or want to shop? I believe shopping  on a need/ want basis brings on urges , we pick up items we think we need because it's there. 

I find it difficult to shop for 1 item because I always walk out with several things after telling the cashier" I came for 1 thing only."  On the other hand when I shop for Seasons, I write down a list of items that I will need for that particular season, then go through my closet to see if anything on my list in the closet. When you purchase functional clothing you get more for your buck. I narrow my list down then I shop for the season. It's called Preparation.



  • Check Your Closet  to See What's Missing
  • Stick to A Budget
  • Shop Functional Clothing and Accessories
  • Pay Extra For Quality Not Trends
AMuSed GalLeRy Denim Trend 2018

AMuSed GalLeRy Denim Trend 2018

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