Here why Ty Hunter is the MOST iconic stylist of the millennial generation.


Although this is an opinion piece its HIGH-KEY NOT up for debate, Ty Hunter is the most influential stylist of the millennial generations and “ i said what i said” seems to be the trendy slogan thats suiting for this statement & the Journalist in me came with the receipts to back up my theory. So, are you ready for 5 reasons why Ty Hunter is the most iconic stylist ?

First let me give you all a brief background on who Ty Hunter is ( although im sure you already know). For the last 20 + years Ty Hunter has influenced the fashion trends of our culture.. Designer and stylist best known as the long-time fashion mind behind legendary R&B star Beyonce. He made headlines in 2015 after he created the Ty-Lite, a selfie-ready phone case designed to perfectly light phone selfies in the absence of good lighting. He scored his job styling Beyonce in 1995 when he met her mother, Tina Knowles, at the boutique he'd been working at in Houston, Texas at the time. Not long after, he'd begun styling Destiny's Child. In addition to the Ty-Lite, he has his own clothing collection called the With Passion Collection available through Served Fresh.

How did Ty Get Started working with Beyonce and the ladies of Destiny’s Child. Heres a Quote from Teen Vogue: "MTV was filming a day in the life of Destiny's Child and they came in the building I worked in and Miss Tina saw the interaction I had with each girl and she was like, 'I'm going to get you out of here one day.' I didn't believe her. I called her on a day off maybe three weeks later and I was like, 'Miss Tina, I'm just calling to see if you need help with anything.' She was like, 'Yes, meet me here,' and I ended up doing the "Survivor" video within a week or two. That's how my career started. It's not only just being in the right place at the right time, but also working really hard."

Now that your a bit caught up on who Ty Hunter is heres my 5 personal reason as to why Ty Hunter is the MOST iconic stylist of the millennial generation:

1) the met gala .


TY SLAYS OUR QUEEN EVERY MET GALA SHE ATTENDS! The looks are so chic and elegant BUT always are eye popping gorgeous! Beyonce always steals the show on the met gala red carpet and Ty’s Vision comes to life.

2) Ty has multiple clothing lines and partners with brands.

Ty is about getting the bag!!!!!!


Ty was one of the first main stream celebrities to introduce “selfie lights” to social media with his collection of “TY-LITES” IN 2015. In addition to the Ty-Lite, he has his own clothing collection called the With Passion Collection available through Served Fresh.which is available at footlocker.

3) TY Hide Blu Ivy from Us effortlessly !


Ok i think we can ALL AGREE Blue Ivy’s pregnancy announcement was one of the greatest pregnancy reveals of all times, in my opinion Beyonce was the only one who topped this lol.

Beyonce looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet of the VMA’S and i think we can all agree NO ONE expected that she was pregnant, Ty Hunter is the master mind behind the fashion of that night and responsible for the look that sent the VMA ranting through the roof.

4) The Queen Wore his brand on her Instagram Page

Reminder this image that went viral of Queen Bey ? Yup, thats Ty Hunter clothing brand. Ty also has color physiology down packed building an international brand for himself with yellow and black being his signature colors. Its no mistake that all the millennials are drawn to copy beyonce looks when the mastermind himself created the looks.


5) Crazy In Love


NO, but seriously i dont think i have to add to that - Ty Hunter is known for coming up with some of the most iconic looks of the millennial generation, making him, in my opinion the most ICIONIC stylist of this generation.

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