Out With The Old

By    Phemii Segoe        By  Getty Images

By  Phemii Segoe       By Getty Images


Living in a contemporary world, connected with millions afar, in touch with thousands a tweet, certain traditions and customs are often debated, decoded and shunned for one prejudice or the other quite regularly. Such takes place not because we cannot find a consensus in our difference, but because previous ways of living are proving dated, some illegal, but most of all plain old unrealistic.

Customs that have been carried out due to strict traditional or cultural decrees have shaped the landscape of our society. (Religion too but I’m not opening up busting that bee hive open) The notion of culture and tradition is often a touchy one but we can all agree that, there is red tape all over a number of issues that are either considered to be taboo or not worth discussing. 

For instance, homosexuality was taboo. It was considered unnatural and therefore rejected throughout African cultures and to be correct, it still is. Homosexuality is illegal today is some African countries because of course a minority of men and women woke up on a Sunday and decided to be gay.

A topic that is constantly swept under rug is the role of women outside of the kitchen and bedroom. A woman’s affectionate value weighs in a lot heavier than monetary or even intellectual. I had a harrowing conversation a while agowith a man I respect a great deal and he said without any hint of shade or misogyny that the more women dominate in the workplace bringing home bigger cheques, the more emasculated, frustrated and feeble men start to feel. You see men do not know how to not be in control, from their wallets down to their emotions. What I am trying to show is, the manner in which men have been conditioned is not conducive to the rise of the modern woman.

Women, coming from a long line of oppression, mediocre pre-established ambitions are tirelessly trying to prove themselves.  Young girls are out-performing their male peers throughout school and continue to commit to their work just to show that they actually have a brain and didn’t sleep their way in. It’s been said that “a woman must work twice as hard to receive half the praise as a man”. When a woman is forced to worker harder than what is even required just to qualify for consideration, you can almost smell the stench of sexism.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about sexism is, unlike racism and homophobia that affect both men and women, sexism it is not considered with the same gravitas because it affects only women negatively. As we see a rise in vocalfeminists on social platforms ’ some men think of it as a trend and women who do not really understand the notion think feminists are single women who won’t ever get married because they’re too busy trying to be men and thankfully, both are delusional. 

Owing to our cultures and predetermined social roles, women with greater ambitions than being a mother and wife are incessantly scolded by older generation women who were raised to cater to and glorify the man. The misogynistic culture that has been so deeply entrenched in both male and female psyche is finally seeing its collapse. In light of this, previous labels like provider or home-maker must be forsaken. Men make homes just as lovingly as women. Women are paid in the same currency as men. 

Feminists are happy to be women thus do not attempt to play men. They do not separate from their opinions of a feminist merely by having a male partner. Feminism speaks of equal opportunities to rebuild an better society . It is not misandry; it is casting out the old and bringing in the new.