The Silent Killer-Diabetes

About to pick up my order at a restaurant and I hear someone fall to floor. What in the world just happened? Then someone screams, call 911! I was working in residential care at the time and attending clients who had seizures so my mind went into think mode on what I could do to help. A middle aged man had collapsed and went into diabetic shock! His wife said he had just returned from the hospital and was given an insulin shot before he left. We couldn’t figure out what went wrong. I later went back to check on the young man and he is well, but it made me think about our health and what are we doing to manage it properly.

Did you know that about 8 million people have type 2 diabetes and don’t even know it? That is a gigantic number. Even type 1 is becoming more common in children. It’s said that people with type 1 cannot live without insulin. Issues like eating disorders, depression, sleep disorders and mood swings are all common with type 1. According to even Halle Barry was diagnosed in her 20’s with type 1 and went into a weeklong coma!

Now there are several different causes for diabetes such as metabolic syndrome which is insulin resistance, being overweight and having too much glucose from your liver (low blood sugar). Even things like a lack of exercise, smoking, stress, depression and not eating right can cause diabetes. According to WebMD, over time having diabetes can cause damage to some of your organs such as your kidneys, your eyes, wound healing, pregnancy and nerves which can lead to digestion problems, the feeling in your feet and your sexual response. Your health is nothing to play with! I’m sure we have seen commercials on how to treat diabetes while taking insulin, but we don’t see enough about a cure or how to heal ourselves naturally.

Celebrities such as James Earl Jones, Sherri Shepherd, Tom Hanks and Drew Carey just to name a few have been able to control their diabetes due to losing weight, having healthy eating habits and keeping an eye on their insulin levels with regular checkups. Some celebrities have said that they no longer have diabetes. There are also different treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, yoga and herbal remedies just to name a few. What may work for someone else may not work for you so talk to your doctor.

If diabetes is hereditary or you know that you have experienced some of these symptoms, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor or a family member about it. Health is wealth. Now remember diabetes is treatable, but poking your finger everyday doesn’t have to be your life. There are plenty of cookbooks on foods you can eat, shoot Patty LaBelle wrote three of them herself. My point is, find what works for you so that you can go back to living! Remember, you are not alone.