Depression: It's Level To This

Depression: It’s Levels to This

Ever wish you could just hide away in a quiet, dark hole where no one could find you? A place where you can just be alone to feel whatever emotion that you are feeling at that moment? Have you ever tucked your head under the covers and just wished that time would stand still for a few hours or a few days just so you could regroup? With everything going on this past week, I am sure that you have.

It is so vitally important to be careful with what you watch and listen to as it can affect your mood drastically. Yes, we should be aware of what is going on and to do our research and to be in the know of what is happening in our country as a whole, but what happens when you don’t have an outlet for that pain? What happens when the killings you’ve watched or the screams you’ve heard invade your dreams? What happens when every channel you turn to on the news is of some police brutality and it’s on in your home and at your workplace? Where do you go to breath? What do you do to regroup?

Some of you have gone on vacation, taken a Leave Of Absence from work or have fasted from social media because they just couldn’t handle the news of children being left fatherless for no reason or the racism that has been. Anger and Frustration has spewed all across the world at every turn it seems.  I’ve seen so many posts saying that someone broke down at work or that they just didn’t know how they were going to make it through the work day. A lot of people can relate to the video on Facebook where Evelyn from the Internets says, “Have you ever wanted to call in Black?”

I want you to use caution so that you don’t fall into depression. Some people are in denial and don’t know the signs of depression and really think that they are okay. According to the Mayo Clinic, here are some signs:

*irritability, social isolation

*lack of concentration

*fatigue, loss of appetite and restlessness

*insomnia, excess sleepiness

*repeatedly going over thoughts

When we are down sometimes we distance ourselves from others even the people who love us. When we try and call our friend who we would normally vent to, they’re never around when we need them and so we shut down and it seems like the hole that we feel just gets deeper and deeper. Depression is such an easy hole to get swallowed up in if you don’t direct your thoughts to something more positive. Gandhi once said, “A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.”

 Many of us can say that a lot of things that have been on the news lately has made us all feel some form of pain whether that be physical hurt, emotional pain or grief.


Here are some ways to cope:

+ Take a break from the negative (social media, news, etc.)

+Take a walk for 15 minutes or more if physically able (exercise)

+Speak positive affirmations to yourself DAILY (I am blessed)

+Get involved in activities so you don’t isolate yourself

+Have accountability partners

+Eat a well balanced diet

+Talk to your pastor or a therapist

Let us make a pact to hold each other accountable. We must come together, support one another and check on each other or how else will we cope and keep our heads raised? Many people fall into depression or become suicidal and hide behind their smiles. There is so much evil in the world and so much negative. May we keep each other lifted up so that none of us fall to deep. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, heck even a stranger that you love them and that you care. Give a hug, it only takes a moment. Black, white, red or yellow, we all bleed the same. Let us lock arms and be the change that we want to see.