"The Importance of Creating a Bucket List"

This year I decided to create a bucket list. In the past, I’ve made a bucket list, a list of things to do for fun. The only problem with my previous list is that the things on it weren't really “bucket list” items, but rather a list of goals that I wanted to complete. To some, that may seem like the same thing, but to me it is not. I want my bucket list to be filled with unforgettable moments and adventures. While, yes, some of those items are lifelong goals, I view my list as being the greatest things in life that I could ever aspire to do. 


For example, one of my bucket list items is to visit 50 countries and walk away with a piece of perspective changing knowledge from each one of them. Some people travel just to go on vacation. I do it because I love to learn about culture and history, so for me this is the ultimate lifetime achievement, being able to learn, grow and experience different points of view from all around the world. 


A few months ago I decided that I wanted to take a trip on my own. I was scared and nervous, but one day I purchased a ticket to Europe for one and had no other option, but to face my fear. Once I arrived in Europe, I started to think about all of the other great things that I wanted to do in my lifetime. This led me to the idea of creating a real bucket list, one full of fun and adventure. From that moment on, I thought that everyone should create a bucket list of their own. 


Creating a bucket list allows you to think about the things you actually wish to experience. This will remind you that life it too short and that you should aim to live it to its fullest potential. These lists also increase our happiness by giving us hope that we are able to achieve something greater and work towards a goal. We should constantly work towards increasing happiness in our lives and start to actually live. Life is stressful, but it can also be blissful. So, creating a bucket list allows you to dream and create a vision for where you want to go in your life and what you wish to attain. There is nothing more pleasing than creating a goal and actually being able to reach it. This in itself shows determination and drive due to the push of a challenge.


I always tell people that they should do whatever they want that makes them happy. The time to do it is now. 


So, what’s on my bucket list? Here are a few items that I chose to share from my list:

  • Go on a solo trip
  • Learn Spanish
  • Live in another country
  • Run 3 marathons
  • Visit 50 countries
  • Become a member on a nonprofit board
  • Work one of the major film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, Venice)

Now what? How do you get things kicked into gear? 


Sit down one day and start writing down all of the things you ever wanted to do in life. Think about why you want to do them and how they will impact your life. Use this as an opportunity to think about your current life. Are you happy where you are? Do you want to do more? What is it that will make you more fulfilled in your life? Some things will stay on the list, while others will go. Challenge yourself and push yourself to go further than you normally would. What interests you? Let your mind wonder outside the box for a while. Stop, and then come back to it later. Allow this to be a compilation of all of your dreams. You have to work towards your dreams just like you would any other task in your left. So, creating this list turns all of the dreams you have locked inside of you into concrete, realistic and tangible actions––aspirations to work towards. 


It doesn't matter how long or short your list is or how long it takes you to complete your list. This is for your own happiness. These are your dreams. In the end, the most important thing is that you took a chance on yourself and started to live your life the way you wanted to.

By:Rachel M. Roberts