"Through Advertisies come Greater Victories"

Growing up as a child in Chicago's roughest neighborhood and being in a group home from age 13, I developed a tough exterior and a vivid imagination for better days. As a child we all hope and dream to become someone great, but oftentimes we are faced with difficult situations that cause us to develop a tough exterior and we tend to lose that vivid imagination. Writing and reading has always been my personal escape from the harsh realities of the world and I refuse to allow my rough start in life to be an obstacle in achieving my goals.


 “Aspire to inspire because through great adversities come greater victories”


Those are the words I, Listiner Martinez live by daily as a writer, entrepreneur, and mentor, visionary and super mom. My passion for inspiring, motivating and showing compassion for others is the driving force behind my positive lifestyle and brand. My biggest motivation are my three young men and knowing I was created for greatness with a purpose to inspire others.



But I say; why let adversities in your life be an obstacle in achieving your goals and dreams. Use those things that were meant for your harm be used for good in your life and the life of others. Never allowing for “minor setbacks to cause major disappointments for too long. The life we are given and the time we are allowed here on Earth is best utilized in a steady progression towards being and living a great life.


Knowing that you have every opportunity to be victorious is a mindset you must create from within to truly be able to move past adversities with a positive outcome. Seeing every situation as a building tool for strengthening you as an individual will change your perspective on your life. This will cause you to see setbacks as a setup for the many victories to transpire throughout the course of life. And therefore you will see the chance to make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. For we are ALL born GREAT, it just takes others a little longer to come to that realization. We must use the tools we have already been given from birth to continue to build upon who we are meant to be and that is GREATNESS.



I am nowhere near where I want to be, but I am so much farther along and better than I was. So I know now there is a purpose for my pain and testimony from my tests and I plan on taking over the world with my awesomeness! I am determined to promote positive changes into all the lives of every individual I encounter.

By: Listiner Martinez