The Benefits of Traveling

Ever wake up thirty minutes before your alarm goes off for work and then you can’t go back to sleep? Don’t you just hate that? Then when you wake up you drag your feet because you hate your job, but you have to go because you have bills and you’re not about that broke life. Being broke is not an option so you get up right? But when do you take a break? When do you take a vacation to refresh yourself and just really live?

Taking a vacation does so much for your health. There are at least 7 reasons that travel is good for you:

*Lower stress levels

*Help productivity at work

*Lower the risk of heart disease

*Decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression

*Enhances your mood

*Improve your interpersonal relationships

*Help you unplug and recharge

I know some of you are thinking of the stress and frustration that can come from planning a vacation.  Having to request time off and then deciding where you want to go and what can you afford. You worry about getting through T.S.A and having to rush due to holiday traffic.

Did you know that on average you will visit 38 sites before actually booking a trip? You have to do your research on where you’re going and are there any signs of an outbreak there. You need to know whether you need a passport or not and if your shots are up to date and whether the country needs proof of zero felonies before you enter. There is so much that goes into planning a vacation.

Planning can be stressful, but that is where I come in. I am a Certified Travel Consultant and I love to book business and personal trips for my clients. I enjoy hearing the joy in their voice once they know that they have an amazing vacation to look forward to. When I book a trip for a family to Disney or Cancun or London, I love being a part of the excitement in presenting the surprise to their spouse or children!  With all of the benefits of having a vacation why wouldn’t you go? Yes, you may dread having to come back home and go back to work, but having that time away you can experience so much culture. When you return you come back feeling grateful and wondering why it took you so long to book your first trip!

Now before you decide that you can’t take the time off or that you can’t afford it, talk to a travel agent. We have deals all the time and remember, while you are living, live! Don’t just work until you die. Enjoy life and all of its many wonders and possibilities. Who knows, maybe your vacation will help you to brush the dust off some of your hopes and dreams that you once had for yourself. Either way, you’ll thank yourself later. So get excited and stop day dreaming of where you want to go and actually GO!

Le’Keshia Smith, Certified Travel Consultant

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