"Bullying is A Part of Life"


It broke my heart to hear that two young girls had considered suicide all because of being bullied. They knew how they would do it, where and when. Such young girls who had just began going through puberty. They didn’t think about the family they would leave behind or the life they hadn’t experienced yet. It was just by chance that life happened and prevented one of them from showing up that day, but the other girl followed through with their plan. She won’t see her 14th birthday. She will never know the impact she made on her friend.

Bullying is one of the factors when considering suicide in our youth these days. Although it has not be proven that suicide has increased due to bullying, it is safe to say that we have heard more cases of suicide happening because someone experienced bullying or cyber bullying. Before the internet was popular, most kids were being bullied in school. On stopbullying.com one large study found that 49% of children in grades 4-12 reported being bullied in school by other students and that is just bullying that has been reported. The percentage should be higher seeing as some people have gotten bullied or pressured into not telling or “snitching”.


Here are some signs to look for if you suspect your child may be bullied from stopbullying.gov:

*Difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares

*Changes in eating habits

*Frequent headaches or stomach aches or faking illness

*Sudden loss of friends or avoidance of social situations

*Unexplainable injuries

*Not wanting to go to school or declining grades

*Self destructive behavior


Some people ignore someone being bullied because they feel like it is a part of life or that everyone has to go through it to toughen them up, but bullying is not some sacred passage you have to go through in life. A lot of times people are bullied because they themselves are going through issues at home or they are taking an issue out on someone who appears weaker than them. The victims may have low self esteem or may not be able to stand up for themselves and therefore appear to be easy targets.

We have all heard of stories where the school jock or thug harasses the smaller kid for his lunch money every day. It may seem funny in the movies, but in real life it’s causing a break down in are kids coming to us for help and for some feel like suicide is the only answer.

Lately all we see is people standing by while others fight and the first thing you see is people pulling out their cameras instead of helping. This is not okay. Back in the day people stood up for one another even if you didn’t know the person. We must get back to this. In order to stop the bullying, don’t just stand by, stop it and report it. Walk in groups because sometimes a bully won’t mess with you when you walk in pacts. To prevent cyber bullying, monitor your child online and if you can’t do that, change the privacy settings. The block button is one of my favorites.

Let’s save our kids. It’s too many of us just letting our kids go day to day without knowing what’s going on with them emotionally or mentally and what issues they have going on at school, etc. Remember when you were a kid? Things are different now. Maybe your child is the bully, but we shouldn’t be losing our lives to it. Let’s do something about it.