"Be A Game Changer In Your Mind"

The success journey of your life does not get easier as you get older because there will be many more heartbreaks, misunderstandings, disappointments and failures. But the most important thing to remember when you’re going through it is it’s all about your perspective. How you see and think about yourself and situations changes everything. The power of positive thinking with a “CAN DO” attitude is a “GAME CHANGER”. Your mind sets the stage on how each situation you encounter plays out. When you approach life as a visual manifestation of the greatness to come you allow negativity to be diminished and positivity to have a permanent residency in your mind and life.

Once you remove the victim attitude and start seeing yourself as victorious, there’s nothing you can’t do. I am a living example and proof that perspective and the power of positive thinking is AWESOME SAUCE! I have not allowed any of life’s hurdles stop me from being GREAT and pursuing my purpose of sparking that Greatness in everyone. I often times use my own personal pain and obstacles as a motivator to encourage others to never give or give in.

Stand up for whatever you believe in, but also know there’s a higher power to BELIEVE in. Don’t accept conformity or mediocrity as a way of life. Each one of us is created for a purpose, a gift to be shared with the world for greatness. But often times we allow temporary setbacks to place a permanent pause button on our journey of success.

When you “think/feel” your back is against the wall, know that it's in these very moments when we are faced with challenges that our true and more important “SELF” shines through. So allow the difficult times to build your character so you can build a successful life for yourself. And remember that success is not without failure. But the key is to be determined, believe in yourself and focus on your goals/dreams ahead.

By: Listiner Martinez