"Back to School-Prayer"

For those of us who have babies (no matter what age they are they will always be our babies) this month our kiddos go back to school. We get them their uniforms if that is required, school supplies, new shoes, etc, but mentally and emotionally what do you do to prepare your child? One thing my church does is pray over the children starting school. We have heard the stories of schools being shot up and kids committing suicides because of bullying, I mean the list goes on. I am not that old, but back in the day we didn’t hear stories like this happening in the schools, well depending on what neighborhood you’re from.

My daughter and I have a routine in the morning on the way to school and that is we pray, praise God and say what we are thankful for. Shoot, even on days when I forget, she reminds me! It’s the little things that help shape our day and I want to leave her with something positive before she goes off to school. On an emotional note, I try to make a habit of telling my daughter that I love her everyday and to Go and BE GREAT with a hug of course. She’s a hugger and it just does something good to her so I try to make a habit of it. I don’t need all of that mushy stuff in the morning, but it’s not about me so I do it.

 I remember watching this movie, “Not Easily Broken” and when the young lady lost her son she said the last thing she said to him was, “when you get home, don’t forget to take out the trash”. We don’t give much thought about it because we just assume that nothing bad will happen, but we truly never know. This is why I started changing how I drop my daughter off in the morning and what I do to help her prepare for the day mentally and emotionally.

For me it is very important to have an open dialogue with my daughter to make sure she’s doing okay. We see so many kids especially if you work with the state that come from homes that involve abuse in one way or another and they bring that hurt to school. Some kids take it out on others and some just keep it in to the point that they don’t speak. My daughter is such a people person and at this age she just wants everyone to be happy so sometimes our conversations involve her trying to understand someone else’s hurt.

It is so important to pray over our kiddos and show them affection so they know that they are loved. So whether you have a child that is in daycare, elementary school, middle school, high school or college, I am praying for them. As a matter of fact, put your child’s name in the comments or send it to me in an email to midwestlifestyle@madisonjaye.com and I will put them on our prayer list. This Wednesday my church is praying over all students in the nation so no one is left out. I believe that this is very important especially with everything that we’ve seen going on lately. Will you help me pray for our loved ones this school year?