"Enlarge Your Territory-Accepting Your New Reality"

Life is not always jokes and giggles, sometimes it’s tears and screams, but there’s always reason for each season of your life. It’s to push you forward into the greatest form of yourself. As with diamonds or any precious metal there’s a pressurization process that it needs to go through to be the shiny process gem we spend our life savings on. So why not you being that precious gem in human form, would not have to endure the same process to “shine bright like a diamond”!


To go into each amazing new level you must endure various tests to ensure you are ready for what’s to come. This preparation is life’s way of ensuring you are well equipped to conqueror task of greatness presented to you. Life’s challenges are not easy and are not always seemingly fair, but the purpose is always GREATER than yourself. YOU, yes YOU are meant to be amazingly GREAT on so many levels more than just your small circle of friends or your childhood community.


Now I’m not saying forsake those that have been rooting for you from day one, I’m saying step out on faith, get pressurized, press and prepared. Because what’s on the other side is so much bigger and better than you could have ever imagined. Utilize the tools you have inside and were born with from day one to be magnified and maximized to allow you to walk into various astounding areas in your life.


The more you “LEVEL UP” with trials and tribulations of life, the more you increase your territory and the world becomes your playing field. How, you ask?

By simply seeing life as a way to increase your GREATNESS resume.

With obstacle, mishap and adversity, there is a chance to create the life you desire and deserve. The chance for a new reality of AWESOMENESS is on the other side of this momentary setback. So start aligning your life in preparation for your time to SHINE.

By: Listiner Martinez