"Living Life On My Own Away From My Family: Charm or Challenge?"

I feel all alone. I have no one to immediately turn to. These are some of the feelings I get living in a city all alone, without my family. 


Nowadays, many people move away from home for a variety of reasons. I moved away for school and work, mostly work. By and large, most believe that moving to another city is cool and bold. But, they do not realize that being away does come with its challenges. I, for one, can attest too many of these challenges because I face them every day. 


When I first moved to Chicago, I did not know a single person here outside of the people I knew from work. While this is not the first time that I moved on my own, it is the first time that a place other than Philadelphia felt like home; discovering that was a great feeling. I now have a new life, meet new people on a daily basis and have a brand new city to explore on my own. But, there is still that familiar void that is constantly missing. All of my family lives on the East coast. My best friend is miles away. When I am dealing with something major in my life I have no one to turn to. My friends here are great and I love them dearly. There’s nothing more pleasurable than leaning on your mom’s shoulder when things get rough. 


There are many pros to start. I have more freedom than I will ever have in life because my family is not right there if I am every in any trouble. If something happens to me in Chicago I have to figure out a way to deal with it on my own. I am a risk taker and more independent than I ever imagined. When I was younger, I was extremely shy, but I knew I wanted to move away from home. Moving gave me the courage to overcome my fear every day. 


My perspective about life started to change. The more I moved around, the more I interacted with people from all over the world. I gained a new perspective on life only found from moving and being on my own. I was forced to socialize and make friends on my own. I did not know a single soul outside of work. I went out of my comfort zone and forced myself to meet people. Now, I have great, supportive friends. Also, my family is able to experience new and fun places when they come to visit me. 


On the other hand, there are flip sides to living away from my family. Firstly, I encountered difficulties in adjusting to a new life. In the short run, I was able to enjoy my new life, but as time went by, I missed my friends and family and felt homesick. Secondly, my family is always worried about my safety. It can be annoying at times when they always check in, but it shows me that I am loved. 


When my grandfather started to become ill, I was extremely sad because I was not able to share his last moments with the rest of my family. I missed many milestones and birthdays; I tried to make it to some special occasions, but sometimes it was not possible. 


Moreover, the travel is expensive, which limits the time spent with my family. A few trips a year is not enough. I talk to my family every day, but sometimes that is not enough. 


With all of this being said, I am grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me and the life I am able to live. Being away from home has its ups and downs, but I find a way to get through it. Luckily, I am very close to my family. So, no matter how far away I am and no matter what it is that I am doing, I know they will always be there for me. And when I do get the chance to be with them, it is magical every time, and that is all that matters. 

By: Rachel M. Roberts