"Take A Chance On YOU"

‘Who are you to tell me what I CAN’T DO!”

Should be the statement every hater, fake, phony, miserable dream killer should hear. But plenty of times we allow their negative energies to creep into our souls and take precedence in our minds. Never thinking for one minute that only we hold the keys to our lives and ONLY we rock this SUCCESS journey with our predestined GREATNESS to fulfill our PURPOSE. So unfortunately we stop taking risks, we no longer dream and the smile has left our eyes. We live someone else’s life, because WE ALLOWED others to place their hopelessness onto us.


Well NO MORE....I tell you. NO MORE.


Get off your bum bum, dust off those sparkling DREAMS of yours and get to setting goals and making “ish” happen. Because I’ll be darn if I sit back and allow you to live a mundane life of “if’s”, “maybes” and “cant’s”

  Who am I? You ask......I’m the AWESOME BLACK QUEEN w/ the Blonde Hair here to tell you I been where you are. I too was once settling, but always wondering what was on the other side of fears and what if’s. Until finally I took a chance on me and decided not to allow my temporary setbacks keep me from my lasting SUCCESSES. So I broke the chains of depression, low self esteem, self sabotage, Indecisiveness, negativity and doubt. I replaced them with joy, self love, confidence, faith, hope, perseverance, and tenacity and of course straight up POSITIVITY no chaser. Once I embraced all that I truly am, my path could no longer be tainted with negative energies from negative individuals and circumstances and I no longer allowed outside influences to control my destiny.


I wake up daily with a renewed sense of purpose and genuine love of self and love for others. I can’t lose because my GREATNESS isn’t set up that way. And neither can you!!! Every day wake up telling yourself that you are success, you are great and you are DESERVING. Take a leap of faith and believe in YOU... take a chance on you and BE AWESOME on PURPOSE.

By: Listiner Martinez