"Giving Of You"

Sometimes in life you come across people that just need pure & genuine love. Those kind of people always seem to find the negative in everything and everyone. Don’t turn your back on them! People’s paths cross for a reason, a season or lifetime...but the type of impression you leave on their life is for you to decide. When you find yourself encountering someone who seems “lost” or just emotionally dead, it just means that they need their hope restored in Love & Life. It’s not all the time you can understand another person’s “walk” through life, where they have been or what has caused them to be a certain way and sometimes it's not for you to try and fix.


Loving another individual does not take much, just by truly caring for them and not requiring them to change who they are or stepping out of their “comfort zone” before they are ready can be the first step. Not judging and keeping an open mind can do wonders for your and their perspectives on Life & Love. No one wants to feel like they are being ridiculed about their every thought, action and words. So, try treating everyone with the same respect and care you would like to have given to you.


Doing for others should not be a chore; it should not be an inconvenience or considered a task. There will be plenty of times when others will need you for one reason or another. Choose to help people, out of the kindness of your heart, not for what you can get out it because one day you will need someone to help you. Always keep your heart pure, your face smiling and your thoughts kind.


Keep in mind that self- gratification can lead to selfish motives and can do more harm than good when interacting with others. So look to ways you can be there for another person, when it takes you out of YOUR comfort zone because when you can be your ‘true” self at all times, is when you are your best self. And that can lead to a world of wonderful possibilities.


Take no one’s feelings, life or motives for granted and always be open and willing to give the best of you! Live with no regrets, no looking back and much JOY & LOVE!!!

By: Listiner Martinez