"First Responders"

John Legend said it best in “Coming Home”, “We pray we live to see another day in history”. Everywhere you looked yesterday were signs of some kind saying, “9/11, We Remember”. Many people thought back to that day and talked about where they were when Manhattans sky filled the air with what seemed like smoke from a gigantic chimney. Not many talked about the First Responders. Not the ones who wore the uniform of a fireman or police officer, but the ones who looked like you and me.


If you skipped over the video clip above, now is your chance to go back to it and watch it.


I see such heroism and courage from these men to go out and save total strangers. Something just rises inside of you and tells you that you just have to do something. You can’t just stand by and do nothing. These men, these boaters rescued nearly 500,000 lives in less than 9 hours. Can you imagine that? They weren’t trained for such a catastrophe as 9/11. Tom Hanks narrates saying that The Great Boat Lift is the largest sea evacuation in history!


It makes me happy knowing that our protectors whom we call 911 to come to our aid used wisdom and called on the help of ordinary people and it makes me even more happy that so many of those First Responders answered the call. When my pastor, Steve Munsey showed us this clip, it touched my heart to see such good hearts in the world today helping others. They didn’t care about their race, origin, age or any of that. Their only cause was to give the hopeless, hope.

So let us keep those in prayer for those who still grieve a lost loved one and for those who survived because they will live with that memory forever.

And may we never go through life saying we should have, if we want to do something, LET’S DO IT!


By: EIC Le’Keshia Smith

*If this subject upset you in any way, I sincerely apologize.

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