"Show UP and Show OUT"

To be fully present, your purpose means to take the bitter with the sweet....mix it together and get a great melting pot of LIVING LIFE on PURPOSE. We should not always look like what we are or have been going through. There’s no appeal or attraction in looking “Broken”. Now that’s not to say that we should falsely represent ourselves, but we should be a walking billboard for empowered, positive life. Which can oftentimes mean setting ourselves aside from our own needs and seeing how we can be a blessing of kindness to others because remember, no matter what you may be going through there is always someone going through worst. And not to minimize whatever pain & sufferings life tests or setbacks you may be experiencing, but in each moment of your life you must fully be present to experience whatever essential life lessons you need.

Make it an everyday effort and goal to find ways to make each moment count and be meaningful to yourself and others around you. Nothing that happens in this life is coincidental, everything has a significant meaning. Learn to be aggressive and diligent with creating the lifestyle you deserve and desire and the mind frame to get you there

The key to genuinely living this life we have been so graciously given is to be intentional and purposeful in how you best represent yourself. A lot of times we let temporary setbacks, set up a permanent staging in our lives. If you just change your perspectives, flip the script and use every situation as a learning tool to better yourself. Life will become your stage for GREATNESS!  You will awaken with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that each day that you Show UP purposefully and SHOW OUT intentionally, YOU are manifesting something much bigger in the your life and the lives of those you encounter.

By: Listiner Martinez via EIC Le'Keshia Smith