"For The Good Times"

You know the feeling you get when an old song comes on and you have that big Kool-Aid smile? That’s how I am about oldies. I can be in the worse mood and if I hear, “Let’s groove tonight, share the spice of life” by Earth Wind and Fire I am ready to turn the day around. I think the spice of life was in my milk as a baby, I would even say that I had a groove in the womb because oldies just made me feel like I could fly. Music back then could bring people together and had messages that told a story like Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On”.

Let me take you back for a minute. Remember playing “Family Reunion” by the O’ Jays and “I Love Music” at your family cookouts and reunions? Remember sitting around listening to Curtis Mayfield “The Making of You”? What about “People Get Ready” by The Impressions? Look if you haven’t heard of these songs, you haven’t lived yet. Get on over to YouTube and click the search button for these songs so your life can be made okay?

I’m pretty young, but I miss the days when you saw people come together no matter what their differences were, they sat them aside to come together for a common goal. I miss the days when Big Mama was still around praying for us and making sure we stayed on the right track. Where are the Grandmothers with the bag of peppermints and that ole candy with the gold wrapper on Sundays that would slap you if you fell asleep in church? What happened to the cookouts that didn’t end in somebody being shot? Tell me, what happened to real music that was about love?

Times have surely changed and no it’s not all bad, but let’s put on some oldies and sit our kids down and talk about the good ole days. Give them some history on how we were as a people. Better yet show them how we can be as a people standing together to bring forth change. Music talked about real issues and had a message and through that music we created memories, memories that would last a lifetime. With everything going on in the world today, I just wanted to take you back, back to how it used to be. The good times.

By: EIC Le'Keshia Smith