"No More Suffering In Silence"

What do you do when someone close to you suffers from depression or if you yourself are suffering?

          *Seek professional help

          *Be a Friend

          *Never be dismissive of the emotions that are being experienced and PLEASE don’t suggest to them to get over it!

Depression is a medical diagnosis that is silent, but can be deadly for the individual experiencing it. And more often than not both male and females of various ages suffer, but go undiagnosed.

Some from fear of being ridiculed judged and labeled as crazy.

But I am here to tell you, you are none of the above.

How do I know, because I myself have been diagnosed with clinical depression since the age of 7.


 There are many different triggers for both women and Men:

Some example of Women triggers vary from: PMS, pregnancy (during or after the birth), relationships, children, finances or body image distortion and/or abuse of some sort.

Some example of Men triggers vary from: Finances, work, relationships, bills and/or abuse of some sort.

Depression can also lead to seclusion, severe deep sadness, anger, resentment, low self esteem, binge eating, overeating, drugs/ alcohol, sexual promiscuity and unfortunately suicide....just to name a few.


          I can tell you personally I have lain in my room for days at a time crying, wishing I could talk to someone and even wondering if anyone cared enough to understand what I was going through. The reality is I could not find the words to explain why or how I had gotten to that point yet again, I told myself. So often times I suffered in silence.

But I’m speaking out, being the voice for all of those lying in their beds crying, wishing they were dead....

NO......don’t do IT. YOU have a purpose, but first seek help! You are NOT crazy....YOU ARE AMAZING!!!


For more info on Depression go to: http://www.nami.org/ (National Alliance on Mental Illness)


And remember if no one told you they love you...I LOVE YOU!!!


By: Listiner Martinez