"Are Your Income Options Open?"

I’m a bit old school in the fact that when I was younger I wanted to have one job for the rest of my life. That’s what I saw other people do. Whether you worked at the steel mill, a factory or as a seamstress, it seemed people would work for years having one career until they hit the grave. Nowadays, families need two incomes just to live comfortably and Lord forbid you get laid off and can’t find a job; you’ll only have your emergency fund and life savings IF you have that.

Reality for me hit once I started doing more studying about jobs and careers and truly just how many people have until they finally find their niche. Shoot, some people work years for a company and never find a career in something they love. In this day and age, we go to college and rack up tremendous amounts in loans and then still can’t find a job in our field. Let alone find something even close to what we dreamed we’d be doing. So now we’re left with just debt.

I’d love to say that my dream of being a performer has come true and that my dreams of being on stage and bringing smiles to people faces is something I get to do for the rest of my life. I wish I could say that I got to become that scientist, gymnast and anthropologist, but I didn’t. Somewhere along the way I realized that if I wasn’t helping others, I didn’t truly feel alive or worth being here on Earth. I jumped from job to job probably just like you did and then I was presented with an opportunity to be my own boss and make my own hours. I like naps so making my own hours sounded great to me and my father always spoke about controlling our own time so being my own boss would definitely cover that area.

My goal is to serve others. It’s something about giving and knowing you helped someone that just does it for me. So of course I had to do my research first and asked myself how can this business help others, but also help me. I mean I’m trying to succeed to and if I don’t help myself how can I help others? I now have 22 ways to get paid. Being my own boss allows me to travel more, get paid weekly and monthly and it allows me to reduce my taxes which I need because I am self employed as well. Did I mention I have 3 jobs?! The best part about this for me is that when I pass away my residual income goes to my daughter and it doesn’t matter how young she is God forbid if something were to happen to me soon.

My whole purpose for this article isn’t to sell you, but to open your eyes and help you realize that having options will help you to stop living from paycheck to paycheck. Being skeptical or living in fear will only keep you stagnant. I don’t always share my personal life, what I do or where I go because I like being able to keep those gems just for me and my loved ones, but what I can say is the doors that have opened since I invested in myself is allowing me to create beautiful lifetime memories and I don’t have stretch every penny to create them.

Retiring early and leaving my child with an inheritance is my goal. I am willing to help you reach your goals as well. This business is about your personal development and growth and I wouldn’t be a good servant if I didn’t share and try my best to help others get ahead as well.

By: EIC Le'Keshia Smith