"A Life Lived in Fear is a Life Half Lived"

The manifestations of something GREATER is happening in your life, unbeknownst to you...

There’s a shiny cloud of AWESOMENESS just waiting to be acknowledged and used to your benefit. Yet, you stand in the shadows of your past, peeking around the corners watching as other’s live their life, never fully participating in your own.




The illusion of the right moment....like when your children get older, or when you get more money or finish school or find MR. or MRS right and settle down. BULL HOCKEY I say there is no better moment like the PRESENT.


Get in tune with yourself, your desires and your dreams and be at peace with being alone. Because trust me there will be plenty of times you will be doing things alone, but that’s okay too. There’s no better person to push you beyond your fears than you. You must be your biggest cheerleader, motivator and encourager, so that awesome life you dream of can be yours. But only if you’re willing to give up on excuses and give in to living YOUR life fully. How’s that you say? Well, first of all STOP waiting for a sign if you should do what your heart’s desire is...JUST go on and DO IT! Hesitancy and fear are DREAM killers at best, when things manifest in your mind, heart and soul it’s for the sole purpose to AWAKEN your PURPOSE.

God/the Universe has a distinct way of letting us know which way to go on this JOURNEY called LIFE. That sudden urge to travel is not just you day dreaming, but a calling placed upon your life to DO, SEE and BE more that what you are currently experiencing. All of us are born to be and do GREATNESS, but it's up to us to answer that call promptly, positively and proficiently. No one can take ownership of your life but you. So do not, repeat..DO NOT wait on others to validate, approve or agree with YOUR LIFE decisions.



And Live genuinely YOU

By: Listiner Martinez