Build Your Lifestyle Around Your Authenticity.

EIC : Regina Burris | By : Melvinvigo |  Image : Instagram 

EIC : Regina Burris | By : Melvinvigo |  Image : Instagram 



If you are constantly questioning your lifestyle habits and most of your life choices regularly enough, it may be time to make a significant change. We all intuitively know and can feel when something is off-balance in any area of our lives. How can you fix this feeling of doubt? The answer is no surprise, you have to be brutally honest with yourself. Am I being authentic to my true self? If you find that the answer is no, don’t fret. Everybody experiences this level before powering up to live the most fulfilled and authentic life ever. Yes, even the experts must build their lives around their authenticity.


I recently had the perfect chance to catch up with branding expert Melvin Vigo. According to him, the most important aspect of your lifestyle is authenticity. Whether he is building, positioning or promoting the many famous brands he has worked with, he swears that his job is always made easier by both his own authenticity and the authenticity of the brand.


Melvin Vigo reassured me that no one that has ever truly been successful in life has accomplished it by being ‘fake’. “Well, we have to be real, you know, transparent because that’s how people are going to connect with you. You're not always going to attract everyone's attention but you have to be true to yourself. You can’t live a fake life. So be yourself and people will relate to you. Nowadays, everything I do has to be authentic. My lifestyle is a brand that is based on authenticity, innovation, inspiration for change and positivity so I only work with brands that fall into all of those categories.”


Check out what he has to say about branding your authentic self according to your lifestyle:


1.  How is any lifestyle like a brand?


Your lifestyle is a brand in many ways. When you think of a brand they have their own voice, style - by colors and fonts and they have core values. So think about brands being a human being. We all dress, talk and believe in different things. We are naturally a brand.


2. What gave you the courage to live your authenticity?


Growing up, I’ve always felt different but that was a good thing. It wasn’t about trying the same as everyone so I’ve always looked to find a niche. I’ve always been big about my career so I started exploring and being able to help others whether it’s family or clients that gives me the courage to be who I am. It’s not about the fame or the money; it’s about being able to do what you love and being able to help others.


3. Has there ever been an experience where you questioned your authenticity, how did that experience empower your lifestyle?



You know - there have been plenty of offered experiences but I had to stick with my authenticity. But luckily, those learning experiences have empowered me to become a better person. Sometimes, you're offered to do things that you don’t exactly agree with. And let me tell you - stick to your gut because being your true self is more valuable than trying to please someone. So the best way out is saying ‘no - this isn’t me’ and be a person who stands behind that. Even though it may be a great opportunity - being authentic and sticking to your values especially as a brand will benefit you more in the long run ALWAYS.


4. What suggestions do you have for our readers everywhere to build their lifestyle around their authenticity?


The number one thing is be your true self. That’s what people love. Don’t try to be a Kardashian or any of these other celebrities. You may have that celebrity status but you must stand out from the crowd. Why are you different? Why should we care? Why should we invest money and time? Ask yourself these questions. Authenticity is the answer and I cannot express that more.

Lastly, I would recommend that you have your brand core values in place as a guide to help you make decisions as you grow.

If you are interested in getting help with your brand authenticity, check out Melvin Vigo’s website for more tips.

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