There is Power in Your Notice!

Charron Monaye

Charron Monaye

There is a big difference between you asking for permission to live in your own purpose, and you dictating that YOU are going to live in YOUR purpose. Far too often, we wait for someone or something to validate our greater purpose in life. We dream of something better, only to watch our futures bypass us in our minds. We are mired in our mindsets, refusing to achieve anything because we feel that we require some sort of “permission slip” from society, to become who we have always desired to be, to realize the lives that we have always visualized. Have you ever dreamed of your own successes? Have they ever seemed so real to you that you could touch the rewards within your own imagination?  Have you ever watched your visions play out in your mind and felt like it was even possibly obtainable? Now, after these dreams and visions have slowly faded away, what steps or actions did you take in order to progress towards making those dreams a reality? We all sit and mentally see our future and who we feel we are destined to be, but very few of us know how, or when, to make the moves necessary to give the required notice, that will bring us from the dream into the reality!   



Giving notice, as it says in the definition above, allows those around you to prepare themselves for what it is that you are declaring that you WILL do!  When you give notice to others as to WHO you are, WHAT you are intending to accomplish, WHEN the actions will transpire, HOW everything will be played out, and WHY it is all necessary, ultimately shows not only that you are independent, but that you understand your own calling and believe in that calling enough to move forward towards it in faith. We have to stop allowing people the ability to decide the fate of our gifts, resources, and attributes that are inherent with the life we are given.  If it was not meant for us to have these gifts and resources, then I am certain that we would not have been blessed with any of them. I am here to coach, inspire, and motivate you to start notifying people of what you want and who you are, while confirming it all with actionable measures that are satisfying to you.


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