My Love Don’t Cost a Thing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You can’t help but notice everyone who’s getting engaged or married as you scroll through social media. I’m guilty of it myself after becoming recently engaged. But, I’m not boosting about how many carats my diamond is or pinning extravagant wedding ideas to Pinterest. I haven’t even chosen a date yet!


Recently, I went to one of my oldest friend’s bridal shower and was both in awe and taken aback by the décor. It was a shower; not the bachelorette party (that’s planned for a weekend in New Orleans); not the engagement party (which they still plan on doing in the summer); not the wedding (that’s already put her about $10,000 in debt). The coordinators spent hundreds just on gift bags for guests.


I felt myself becoming overwhelmed by the thought of planning my own wedding for a moment. Actually, I felt my marriage would be inadequate in comparison. Then…


I asked myself, “Is any of this really necessary?”


An antique silver ring with a malachite stone adorns my left finger precisely because the little things in life make me happy. (Plus, the thought of losing a diamond that costs more than the rent gives me nightmares.) This ring is perfectly symbolic of our relationship. It’s a protective stone of transformation and abundant love. Oh, and he’s a Green Lantern fan, so I’m his personal Green Lantern.


I want a simple, barefoot, camp-ground wedding. Throw some tea-light candles in some mason jars and let them light up the trees. And everyone who wants to stay just needs to bring a tent or hammock.


I’m not saying that the love between people with a $100,000 wedding budget isn’t sincere. I just refuse to go further into debt or lose what little sanity I have left planning some extravagant wedding just to try and prove to everyone else how much we love each other. My wedding will be for me and my love and no one else. And, I can assure you it will still be magical. <3

By Jasmine Hernandez via EIC Regina Burris

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