Girlfriends Reunion

“My girlfriends, there through thick and thin. My girlfriends, there for anything. My girlfriends…” I can hear Angie Stone singing the theme song for the Girlfriends television show and my Saturday night reunion with two of my favorite ladies this side of Florida. Anybody who knows anything about me knows that clubs and parties are not my kind of thing at ALL. However, I am ALL IN for an occasional ladies’ night with Jenn and Fine-Azz Frances (the newest additions to my phenomenal women friends list) because good women friends are priceless. My turnt-up reunion in the midst of WrestleMania weekend made me realize the significance of having great female friendships along my journey to achieve global domination. (Me and my girlfriends believe in chasing after lofty goals, what can I say?) It also made me realize how fortunate I am to have great female friendships all over this country. From my BFF’s Tieshia and Kyanti in Phoenix, Arizona to my Ride or Die, Chanetta in Pennsylvania, I am blessed to be able to call these beautiful, strong women friends.

It is because of amazing women such as these that I can be fearless and weird as I want to be in the pursuit of my goals. I am planning for the day when I can have an official ‘Girlfriends Reunion’ where all of these awesome women can meet and be rewarded for all of the unique perspectives they add to my crazy, colorful world. I don’t subscribe to the “No New Friends” philosophy of Drake. I look forward to meeting as many inspired future girlfriends as possible and making lasting friendships with spicy and flavorful women of all ages, shape, race, ethnicity, and beliefs.

If you are a phenomenal woman comment below with your age, hometown (where we can find you) and a quick five word bio describing your personality. I wanna meet you someday so maybe you too can be a part of my epic ‘Girlfriends Reunion’ meet-up.

By EIC Regina Burris