Embracing Failure ... smile at the successes and also cringe at how I failed miserably.

Photo via Instagram                                                                   By Charron Monaye

Photo via Instagram                                                                   By Charron Monaye

When I think about everything I have accomplished in life, I smile at the successes and also cringe at how I failed miserably. I often viewed my failures as God telling me to give up because I did not understand how living for my calling could cost me my livelihood.

When you are faced with failure, I challenge you to find the opportunities and possibilities that lie within. Think about what life would have been like for me if hadn’t tried my chance at success after failure.  Trying is the only way to win otherwise you never know. We all dream of being something greater in life, but so often we are fearful of failing.

However, failure is the universal event that tests your commitment to what you desire. Failure gave me the “eye of the tiger” and the determination to come back bigger and better.

Even though we all have allowed the fear of failure to dictate our moves at some point in life; this fear is actually a positive thing. Being fearful of anything can provide you the extra will-power, assertiveness and determination to try harder to be victorious over your next obstacle.

If you defeated every obstacle, obtained every dream or became successful with no opposition would you learn to struggle – because it will come. There is a saying, “To whom much is given, much is required” and that’s where failure promotes progress. Failure is inevitable. It’s going to happen, but the way you bounce back from it dictates whether you got the lessons. Failure will almost always explain what you did wrong and what you need help with the second time around.