Acceptance Is Everything!

Lisa Nichols has a quote that changed my perception about the concept of acceptance and how I was trying to obtain it:   



“I have nothing to hide

I have nothing to protect

I have nothing to prove

I have nothing to defend”


After saying this quote repeatedly, I began to accept and love being real, raw, and unfiltered. I embraced my vulnerability and lifted my voice, allowing it to be heard and properly understood.  I gave myself permission to be me!  This was the best thing I could have done for myself!  I looked myself in the mirror and I opened my heart to the possibility of what was to come as a result of my determination to change.  I created the life I wanted. I became the peace I desired and I loved myself the way I deserved to be loved. I removed the complications and opened myself up to receive what God had in store for me. I surrendered my life by giving him total control, while keeping up with my end of the deal. My new journey of living my life depended on my acting and executing, while growing and exploring, which was everything I had always denied myself.  As my confidence and self-esteem grew, and my inner being filled with love, I became more and more accepting of my own choices and needs.  I no longer compromised my heart for the betterment of others.  This time around, I made my needs the primary focus that drove the vessel that propelled me forward.  I stopped needing people to accept me or approve of me.  I gave myself enough love and care that as long as I was accepting of my own life, everyone else’s opinion was a non-factor.  I exercised within myself enough confidence and motivation, that my excitement and purpose regarding my decisions was enough for me.  I didn’t need to notify anyone for validation. I had to learn that everyone does not need to know your every move, thus giving them no room for unsolicited and unnecessary input.  The less other people know, the less chance there is for them to implant their negativity or throw shade on your desires.  There was no need to consult with others about things that directly affect my life.  


At the end of the day, I was the only one who was forced to embrace the successes or consequences that came along with whatever decisions I made.  When I removed the outside noise, it became easier for me to “do me”.


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