There is Success in your Losses, Embrace Them!

By Charron Monaye

Have you ever turned on the radio, while in a bad mood, and your favorite song comes on and instantly you feel good? If you have, then you understand why I turn to music as another form of therapy and coaching. When it comes to losing to win, remember you have to understand that you need one to fully appreciate the other. The things we tend to cherish the most are those for which we have set forth some type of struggle.  Heartbreak is often attached to those things that we desire the most.  Here are some tips on appreciating your failures so that you can see the victory and obtain the favor that God has on the other side for you.

·         Failure Reveals Our Strength and Ability

·         Failure Inspires Others

·         Failure Builds Courage

·         Failure is Better than Regret

·         Failure Brings Resilience

Ultimately, the power of “losing to win” lies in your ability to trust yourself, in being comfortable with standing alone, and in being fearless when it comes to pissing off some people.  The power behind making your failures into your wins lies in your ability to remain true to yourself.  Do you trust yourself enough to know that you have the ability to carry yourself the full distance required to reach your finish line?  Is it a book, a relationship, a career move, or life experience that you are holding yourself back from because you don’t trust yourself? Are you holding yourself back out of fear of losing? Are you skipping steps in your journey, hoping to prevent failure from showing its ugly face?  If these questions sound like you, allow me to be the first to tell you to STOP!!! You are hustling backwards and moving nowhere fast. You are walking in circles, wishing on the big payback.  But your payback will only come through once you understand the full process, commit yourself unconditionally, and being willing to accept the risks that are inherent. 

Life is full of situations in which the only thing you have to lose is the opportunity to try.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but the joy of it all is knowing that you tried, and survived to talk about it, whether to your girlfriends over tea, or to a room full of people at a conference.


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