Traveling Fabulous is a must do when your wearing FlightsInStilettos

CEO Kinyatta E. Gray is taking over the runway

CEO Kinyatta E. Gray is taking over the runway

FlightsInStilettos®️ was founded in 2018 by Kinyatta E. Gray based on her real-life travel style -- traveling glamorously through the airport.  Kinyatta's goal is to inspire women travelers to put their best selves forward when traveling and to think about their individual travel style. Since launching FlightsInStilettos, the signature t-shirts and travel accessories have been spotted around the world. 

 "Travel , Glamour, Slay"  

FlightsInStilettos®️ has been worldly recognized by vast platforms. Rising in the brand’s success, FlightsInStilettos was featured in Fashion GXD Magazine, which was advertised on and Barnes & Nobles. FlightsInStilettos was highlighted on the “Travel in Style” segment of BMORE Lifestyle on MyTV24 Baltimore co-anchored by Chardelle Moore & Christina Denny. In addition ,  to being featured in editorial and television, the brand was introduced by Always Ask Asia of Radio One, Majic 102.3 & 92.7 during an “Introducing FlightsInStilettos” segment, followed by an interview with DJ KeiTouch also at Radio One, on The Outlet News and Entertainment Connection on 1450 & 95.9 News Talk during the “Black Brands” segment.

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