"You Can't Lose; Your GREATNESS isn't Set Up That Way"

What would you do if you couldn’t lose? Umm well duh...Go through your bucket list /wish list and what if’s and start checking things off, Oh wait....Is that just me who makes goal lists for everything? I seriously doubt that since you are reading this article, I’m pretty sure you have some wants or needs for creating a greater mindset and way life. (But I’ll leave that for another time)


So back to my question...WHAT WOULD YOU DO if there were no obstacles: no baby mama/daddy drama, no past due bills, no haters, no other mouths to feed, no 10-12 hours work shifts at a job you hate that leaves you too tired to do anything but come home and sleep...I can go on and on. Well, Guess what? Those exact same things you have been wanting to accomplish and achieve are YOURS for the taking. You just got to want it bad enough to work past the seemingly challenging situations to go after what you DESIRE and DESERVE.


Nothing that’s worth having will be easy, but it is obtainable. We often times talk ourselves out of going after our dreams and goals for fear of failing. But the failing part is not even attempting to see how far you can go. You must first believe in yourself and know that everything you want is on the other side of those meaningless excuses.


Yes, life may have dealt you an unfair hand or maybe your situation is of your own doing by making a series of bad choices. But when it’s all said and done the ultimate decision to change your life for the GREATER is yours. The key is to be determined, have a positive mindset and to know your birthright is GREATNESS and you were destined to WIN!

            So, honestly ask yourself, what would YOU do if you couldn't lose?


By: Listiner Martinez via EIC Le'Keshia Smith