"Booking Ninja: Slashing Prices in Half"

My excitement seriously cannot be contained! I have been sitting on this information for over a month now, but to see it be launched today just made me want to shout! You know the grand-mamma with her wig coming off shout; I’m talking toe-tapping, hold my mule shout okay!!!  (Cue the organ) The devil thought he had me, ole but a rug! Okay, something like that, but you get my point, I am ecstatic!!!

I pray over my business everyday and I ask God to help me help others. It pains me to hear a client say that they’re overwhelmed or had a death in the family and need to get away, but just can’t afford it. Sometimes we just need to get away from it all and just unwind, I get that. I think some people come to us for help and to see what benefits we can provide as travel agents, but have the misunderstanding that our services are expensive. We are here to save you time and money.

Speaking of money, (insert my shout here) I AM now able to guarantee YOU that I will have the LOWEST prices for you when it comes to hotels, cruises, condos and more! Seriously! How many CEOs do you know that will make your company better so you can benefit and not just themselves? Not only do I have a website through Priceline.com (www.keys2serenity.com) that you can book trips for yourself because like Big Red said, “My hours are from 9 to 5, but I have the Booking Ninja as well!!! No one else has it and you can book your own trips which I know most of you do now, but save MORE money doing it. You seriously will not find this anywhere else. I mean, seriously, who wants to pay full price?


Click on www.keys2serenity.paycation.com and click on Booking Ninja and sign up! You can’t miss it. You can use the Booking Ninja even without being a part of Paycation if that be your choice.  I have placed my contact information below if you should have any questions. Go ahead and test it out! I dare you to try and find cheaper prices! I dare you!!!


E: keys2serenity@gmail.com

P: 312.883.3037


By: EIC Le'Keshia Smith