"Breaking Up With My 20's"

Twenties, you and I have had a run, good and bad over this past decade. It seems like you have been my longest relationship. It’s like I have been riding a roller-coaster with the many ups and downs I have experienced while being with you. When things were good, they were great (remember 21? That was a year!) And when things got hard I sometimes didn’t know how to handle it (remember 26-28? Those were some hard times). I was still learning and growing.


I thank you for allowing me room to do that. Early on I made a lot of mistakes and didn’t listen, but as I got older I began to know better and at the end grew in to my own. I thank you for having patience with me during this time.  I’ve heard people say “If I had known then, what I know now”, well if I had known then, what I know now I wouldn’t be who I am now.  The experiences I went through while with you are now life lessons that will forever be with me and that I get to pass down. At times I didn’t understand why some things were happening, I now know that you were preparing me to enter the next decade of my life stronger than I had entered the previous one.  


So they say breaking up is hard to do. In this case it is a little bittersweet. I can’t get back the time I may have wasted or get a do over on a few things. Knowing that I am entering a new chapter in my life with confidence brings me some peace. Although we have out grown each other and it is time to move on. One thing I can say about you twenties, is that I have truly loved, lost, gained and overcame. I lived through you the best I knew how. I thank you and appreciate our time together and will never forget you!

What were the years in your life that you grew the most?

If you could would you take a do over?


By: Ayesha Wallace via EIC Le'Keshia Smith