"Don't Be a Copy, Be an Original"

There are no two people who are alike, even identical twins have some distinguishing physical marks or personal characteristics which help to tell them apart. So why are you trying or wishing to live your life like someone else?


Whether you like it or not, there is only one you and you only have one life and one lifetime to get BEING YOU RIGHT! And wasting time complaining about what you could be, how you should look and who you want to be is just a waste of precious oxygen.


God knew when he designed every exquisite detail about your being that you were going to be GREAT. Now if God makes no mistakes and believed everything about you to be GREAT, then it must be so....RIGHT?  But often times we get sidetracked with minor flaws like being short, a squeaky voice, big feet and a list of other things we find fault with. I say ROCK those imperfect perfections, because you can’t change them, but you can change how you perceive them. For example I have a big head (and as a child I constantly got teased) I obviously cannot shrink my head size. So I shrunk my limiting mindset and now I ROCK THE HECK out of my Blonde Hair on my head and use the big brains inside my big head to pump out GREAT ideas to inspire, encourage and empower others.


It’s really all about perspective and in knowing that we are all created on purpose for a purpose and we were never designed to be anyone other than our own GREAT self. So start now by taking a long hard look at what makes you unique and make it work for you. Stop living in the shadows of what “could be” and start living in the light of what IS!


By: Listiner Martinez (ListinerINspires) via EIC Le'Keshia Smith