We see it all the time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, pictures of couples working out together and having romantic dinners with each other or even studying together. Whatever the case may be, it is something that makes us look at them and if you are in a relationship strive to be like them or if you are single it may make you feel like you are missing out on something.


Looking at these pictures can make you feel like your relationship is not up to par or again if your single, can make you feel border line depressed. You then get in to a relationship thinking that it should be just like those pictures. You may even know a couple who post EVERY LITTLE THING that their significant other does.


Don’t get me wrong, I think when you have someone in your life who shows you how much they care about you and love you, you’re bound to tell someone, post or share it because it is a great feeling and you want the world to know. I’m taking about the ones that go overboard IE: “Look what the BAE made me for breakfast this morning”, “Thanks for running my bath water baby”, or “This fly tried to kill me, thanks for killing it my hero” I can’t. Do we have to know everything? Sometime your relationship goals are not others relationship goals. Discretion is a good thing. Chances are when things take a turn and you and your partner are not seeing eye to eye, you’re not going to boast about that.


So, while having #relationshipgoals is not a bad thing, and love should be celebrated. Let’s try not to go overboard. Too much of a good thing can become annoying in this case. Can we go back to the good ole days when what was between two people were just for those two people and not for the world to see (unless you’re a celebrity)? Keeping something sacred just for the two of you and growing together in peace and not for other people eyes is to me a real #relationshipgoals.


What do you believe are relationship goals?


What do you think it takes to reach these goals?