"The Situationship Zone"

Dating these days is not how it used to be back in the day. It used to be as easy as“Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend circle yes or no?” Or picking someone up for a date and if you like each other after a few more dates you make it official. Today, it’s called “talking”. You would think that after you have “talked” to someone for a period of time the next step would be to enter in to a relationship.

Now there is a step that has been introduced that is in between “talking” and a relationship call a “situationship”.


So how do you know you’re in a situationship? According to thebolde.com here are some clues:


1. You aren’t even going on dates anymore.

2. You have no title.

3. You avoid discussing the future.

4. You make future plans without thinking of them.

5. You have feelings, but no love.

6. You still attend events solo.

7. You’re not dating anyone else.

8. You have sleepovers routinely. (You don’t just have sex, but you actually spend the night)

9. Texting is your primary form of contact.

10. You haven’t met their friends.

11. You have no pictures together.

12. You both avoid bringing up the actual status of the relationship.


Many people enter into the grey area of the “situationship zone” and never go on to enter into a real relationship. Some people are okay with not having the strings attached. For people who are more so black and white about things this grey area can create some anxiety for an individual. If you like a person or feel like this is someone you could see yourself with, then this to me is grounds to enter into a relationship or at least become exclusive with one another. On the other hand if you like a person, but don’t want to be in a relationship don’t string that person along and make them feel like there is hope.


Don’t do things that qualify as something you would do in a “relationship” (and I’ll leave that up for you to figure out what those things are, because it may be different from person to person) but then use the escape goat of not being together when things aren’t on the up and up.


People should be straight forward about what they want, and yes once feelings get involved someone could get hurt. On the other hand if you continue on this path without any communication about what the next step is you may find yourself in the “situationship zone”.


Is there anything you would add to the list of being in a situationship?


How can one avoid the situationship zone all together?


"Lets Talk"


BY: Ayesha Wallace via EIC Le'Keshia Smith