"Invest in Those, Who Invest In YOU"

People are who they are but their actions; unbeknownst to them; can cause you to be who you were not meant to be. You don’t hear me though!!! In other words…DON’T ALLOW SOMEONE TO MAKE YOU INTO SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT!!!  Actions are a series of well placed words with a colorful overlay of scripts and when played out correctly all scenes lead to victory for both parties. But that’s only if genuinely good intentions were there from the beginning from each individual.


I find when we are not true to form and ourselves, we often times allow people to not be held accountable for what they have or haven’t done that has affected our lives then we do ourselves an injustice. Now don’t get me wrong, DON’T expect an apology or expect any individual to be held accountable for your happiness or well being, but know when to walk away from a person or situation that is not conducive to your healthy and positive state of living.


The root of ALL problems start at the beginning, but with so many people living an untruthful way of life, how does one get to the beginning accurately....by tracing patterns.


Everything has a pattern. Some are more obvious, others not so obvious.


Once you recognize an individual’s pattern in the way they live their life, how they think and what they say, you can be better prepared for what’s to come whether good or bad. When we hold ourselves to a higher standard of living and do not downplay our value to fit in we will start to attract those same like minded individuals that will uplift, encourage and motivate us to higher levels of GREATNESS.


So start today with investing time with those who are truly and fully vested in your best interest.


By: Listiner Martinez via EIC Le'Keshia Smith