"Can Your Friendship Go the Distance?"

Over the weekend my best friend whom I’ve known since high school moved away. While we did celebrate in the best way possible (watching the Cubs when the World Series, and later going to the celebratory parade!)  I can’t help but wonder what will happen to our friendship.


Now, granted this is not the first time she left me (how dare she go off to college!) and our friendship did survive that. Even between the distances, having boyfriends and making new friends we still managed to keep our friendship going. Even if we did not talk to each other for long periods of time we still able to pick up right where we left off. So you would think that I would not be worried and try to look on the bright side of having a new place to go visit. While that is a plus, I can’t help but think what if our friendship can’t survive this time? What if we outgrow each other? I mean I’m already on the borderline of saying “Ayesha, party of one”. Or what if she finds a friend whom she connects with more than me? Who am I kidding that could never happen…could it?


Overall I am happy for my friend. I am praying that everything works out in her favor.  I just have to keep thinking of new and creative ways to stay close. Maybe we can do some sisterhood of the traveling pants type deal where we send something back and forth or we have to start video chatting more than normal.


There are just several things that I have to keep in mind even as our lives change:  Our friendship has survived this before it can survive it again, neither one of us can live without the other, and Southwest is always having a sale.


What are some ways you keep a long distance friendship going?

How has the friendship changed by living in different cities/states?


"Let's Talk"

By: Ayesha Wallace via EIC Le'Keshia Smith