"Purposeful Living"

Creating an undefeated attitude of destined Purpose requires staying connected to you, your truth and the main power source GOD. When believing in something bigger than yourself, like so many of us I tend to have moments of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. Well I’ve learned over time that GREATNESS requires GREAT faith along with putting in the necessary work. But most importantly being true to who I am and what I was born to do. When you know your purpose, you become laser focused on being successful no matter what.


That is not to say you won’t face challenges along the way, because what would the journey of life be without those lovely roadblocks, detours and potholes along the way......EASY AND BORING! Let’s face it we need those challenges to build up our greatness muscles and our awesome success six pack to develop our inner strength to persevere despite what life throws at us. When you allow the negativity that you encounter in life to get you down for too long, then feelings of doubt, despair and defeat can set in. Those are not the best personal trainers in the LIFE ARENA...they will cause you to get knocked out for sure.


The best way to stay connected to your power source and best personal trainer around is through time alone with yourself. Learn to love, know and accept who you are at this moment to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.  When you stay in tune with you, you stay in tune with GOD......the connection of communication is stronger and you’re able to bounce back quicker from life’s mishaps. So unless you woke up dead (which is not possible) then you can bounce back from anything, it’s just a matter of perspective. Challenges are meant to teach, guide, instruct and create awareness, be mindful, take notes and move forward with your PURPOSEFUL Life.


By: Listiner Martinez via EIC Le'Keshia Smith