"Blended Families"

I recently listened to the song and watch the video for Alicia Keys’ song called “Blended Family”.  In her song she sings to her step children about how even though she is not their real mother it doesn’t mean that her love for them is not real. She then goes on to sing that although she married their father that’s not the only reason she’s there for them.  

Blended families: A family in which one or both of the adult partners bring children from a previous relationship are becoming more and more common these days.  According to Smartstepfamilies.com “Approximately one-third of all weddings in America today form stepfamilies”.  

I found Alicia Keys’ song to have a great message and the video to be very powerful. In the video it featured the whole family including her step children’s mother.  The verse that really stood out for me was: “I know that it started with a little drama, but everything is alright with me and your momma”.  Now being that I’m the mother to a girl that has a step mother I feel that I can speak on the subject well. For me it was hard to expect the fact that there would be another woman in my daughter’s life that could play the mother role other than me.  My situation also started out with drama. I did not want this person to come into our lives; she was not a part of the plan. I did, however want to be the bigger person and from the time that I have been around her I did realize that she did care for my daughter and that is all I could hope for in the mist of everything

Being a part of a Blended Family is not always easy.  If the adults can look past their differences and try and come together for the child/children and have respect and understanding for one another it helps with the transition. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go with this blended family thing, but I can also say I have come a long way as well.

Do you know someone or are you yourself a part of a blended family?

What was the transition like for you and everyone involved?


By: Ayesha Wallace via EIC Le'Keshia Smith