"Trust The Process"

Know that ALL things work together for your GREATNESS. All it takes is the right frame of mind, persistence and a well thought out follow through action plan. Your perspective is what determines if whatever situation you face is a setback or setup for progression. Know that many are called but few actually step up to take their rightful place on the thrones of Greatness. So ARE YOU WILLING TO STEP UP AND STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS?!


A lot of times we see the final product of someone’s success, but we rarely get to see the countless hours of sleepless nights, the empty bank accounts and the many tears of frustration and disappointment when something doesn’t go the way we expected. I promise you every individual that is at any level of Success and Greatness has faced these situations before and at times might still continue to be experiencing them. But I am here to tell you it’s ALL WORTH IT!!!


Especially if you had rough start to life, like me, you learn to push past the pain because going backward should not, cannot and will not be an option if you are trying to excel on this journey called LIFE. You are the determining factor on how far you go and what you allow to distract you as you move forward on your destined path of AWESOMENESS. Negative situations and people can only affect you negatively for the length of time you give them unnecessary attention. So if a solution cannot be gotten from any circumstance that’s crowding your space, time and mind ...then LET IT GO, LET IT BE and move on. Life, GOD/the Universe has a way of handling your situations that are not conducive to your amazing journey of greatness if you are intentional and TRUST THE PROCESS!


By: Listiner Martinez via EIC Le'Keshia Smith