" Be Great on Purpose"

You are the sum total of the energy that YOU allow into your life. Your inner circle of friends, your social media feed, your frequent activities all play a role to some degree in how you see yourself and how you live your life. Don’t get me wrong some things that happen around us are out of our control.


But for example if ALL your friends are completely content with their lives and are NOT trying to reach new levels, you too might not see the point in pursuing that dream you had of being a singer. If majority of your social media friends are always posting negativity and you are always on social media you will eventually start to see life through grey and cloudy lenses. The same goes with the activities you choose to participate in if every weekend you are in the clubs poppin’ bottles and hooking up with random individuals then you’re not at home, writing out that proposal to get those grants to start that business you’ve always dreamed of!


Now I’m not suggesting you dump all your friends, never go on social media or stop going out altogether, but be selective in those individuals you actually call friend. If you only have one person that believes in you and shares the same desire of pursuing their dreams, than be each other’s accountability partners. If social media is how you get your daily fix on what’s happening in the world, then limit the amount of time you go on there. If you enjoy going clubbing, maybe don’t pop bottles just sip cups....LOL. Because honestly if you have time to be on social media and partying you have time to make your dreams a reality!


There are too many people just walking around aimlessly in this life, so YOU START TODAY in not being one of them, BE GREAT ON PURPOSE!


By: Listiner Martinez via EIC Le'Keshia Smith