"The Meaning Behind a Hash Tag"

When I hear or see “won’t He do it” I automatically cue the shouting music! I picture a choir member grabbing the tambourine and going to town on it. I can hear somebody shouting while toe tapping out their seat and somebody grabs Big Mamas wig and somebody’s auntie saying, “Hold my mule!”

 Okay, let me stop playing before God strikes me down! Where have I heard that one before? Hmm

Now I am pretty sure you’ve practiced your shout at home in the mirror and if you don’t go to church I am sure you at least go to Bedside Baptist. Now this hash tag is most commonly seen once someone experiences a miracle from God in which they want to give Him all praise, but do we really believe this hash tag? Who came up with this anyway? Just like our black men are being killed by police officers have become just another hash tag. Do we really believe the stuff that we hash tag?


Lately everything has become so cliche and looses its meaning it seems once it becomes a hash tag. It’s just something that is trending or hot at that time. Do we remember the names we hash tag or are we just doing it for attention, to get more likes?  If I’m wrong, leave me a comment. I want your honest thoughts.


Don’t get me wrong, hash tags help us to find the most relevant things going on, on social media, but when does it loose its meaning? I think about my daughter and how when she gets older she’ll be able to look up old topics by typing in a hash tag, like Sandra Bland or Trayvon Martin. Will it mean something to her when she sees how many times the hash tag was used? Will it mean that they were just a popular subject or relevant subject on Twitter?

Now most of us use hash tags for business purposes, I know I do, but for the recent deaths and killings, I want their names to mean more than that? I mean a hash tag isn’t going to bring change, so I ask you, what do we do? 


BY: EIC Le'Keshia Smith