"Things Often Fall Apart to Fall into their Proper Places"

Seemingly enough we all have had those moments where we feel like nothing's going right or so WE THINK! Here’s the thing about life, it’s ALL a matter of perspective. What does that mean? Well, for example take that job you didn’t get or that position you were let go from, when you really think about it, was that where you really wanted to be or were you just settling? How about that relationship you are still crying over and can’t seem to move on from, were you guys really compatible or had you just become comfortable?


These are self reflective questions that really need to be asked when things don’t go your way or as you would have hoped. Being anywhere that does not allow room to grow onward and upward is not conducive to being successful and great. I have said it before and will say again ....GREATNESS is your birthright! But we are often complacent and satisfied with the status quo of easy living, either from fear of the unknown or just lack of support and knowledge.


Either way the time is NOW to start adjusting your perspective and expectations of the bigger and better things to come. If it’s only making your life easier and not better then it’s truly time to move on from it. Because let’s face it, being a bored non productive adult is not cute nor is it conducive to being GREAT on any level.


So the next time life bites you in the butt...ask yourself.....is this where I’m supposed to be or is God and/or the Universe trying to tell me something. Trust and believe being consciously aware of things not being right and wanting do something about it is so much better that just walking about numb to the world and forever complaining. Remember this when it all seems to fall apart, pick up the pieces and create your own mural of Greatness, because you only have one Life to get it right.


By: Listiner Martinez