"The Freedom of Being You"

Oh, what a beautiful thing it is to be able to live your life as the carefree child of greatness you are. You know what that entails? That you don’t have to care about what others think of you and to live your life how you want. Because GUESS WHAT, you were put on this earth to be the best and the greatest version of YOU! You have a mind of your own without working brain cells that should be lead to making decisions on your own that will elevate your life on some substantial level. But you stunt your growth with waiting on the approval of others or trying to mimic those around you. Why?


“Live and Let Live....”is a statement used frequently, but I feel is not completely understood. I honestly believe that in order to truly live and for the world to start being a better place we as an entire human race must first stop looking to fix, change, and judge or control others and start working on ourselves. If everyone were solely focused on how they can be a better person then there would not be enough time in the day to be concerned with the affairs of others unless it was to do a selfless act of kindness.


We do ourselves and most of all, our creator a grave injustice attempting to be someone we are not and doing things that do not make us happy or whole just to fit in or be liked. The most important thing you should understand and accept is that if anyone can not like you as you are, then they should not be allowed into your personal space, period. The energy that you want around you should be conducive to who you are through and through and that is GREATNESS!


BY: Listiner Martinez