"Challenging Yourself"

Have you ever been in a situation where there weren’t enough opportunities? Whether it was a relationship, job, or your own personal hobbies that weren't allowing you to truly shine the way you wanted it to?  We all have a purpose in life and while we are learning our purpose, how do we shed light on what makes our purpose different from everyone else?


I always felt as though there was something missing in my life. I’ve only worked one job and realized how mentally challenging it was to be happy in a place that wasn’t allowing you to express yourself freely. Although I loved keeping busy it became a schedule and I constantly found myself having a hard time to relax and enjoy special moments with the ones close to me. As the years went by I separated myself from everyone around me due to this battle of finding my purpose or rather finding my voice. I’m not sure whether it’s depression or just being overly ambitious but I created an atmosphere where I just enjoyed being independent by seeking love and purpose within myself.


While I worked, I managed to make time to create a book for someone that was just filled with simple short stories and poetry. I challenged myself daily, I had due dates, I interviewed a few coworkers and even expressed what others shared with me through poetry. Even though it was my first book I saw that I enjoyed learning and I enjoyed creating atmospheres where I could build on what I learned.


With the book I created, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself even further by going to school. Usually when I hear about people leaving their job I hear about the negative, such as not making enough money or not getting promoted. For me it was more about having balance, take learning and challenging yourself not only in your career field but in simple activities. I feel a strong connection to being enlightened and being able to take those moments to see what opportunities present itself I found myself getting higher in grades, becoming a leader, and I have an opportunity to express myself without fear.


BY: Alex G