"Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe"




Have you ever heard of the saying,” Your vibe attracts your tribe?” More than likely you have and therefore you may be very conscious of the vibe you let off when you walk into a party or meet up with a friend for coffee. What if I told you that the saying remains true when you switch it around a bit?


This past weekend I attended a St Patrick's Day parade with my two children. A certain situation occurred that opened my eyes to this exact saying that we all love to use so much.


To backtrack, I’ve always been encouraging. In fact I find much joy out of praising others for their accomplishments and achievements. Whether they be big or small, they matter and I love to be the cheerleader for those successes. For example; my daughter took up basketball a few months ago and during her season she gradually got a little better but to be honest she never even made one shot on the court. Do you think that stopped me from cheering her on?! No. Way. My daughter could have just almost made the shot and still I was screaming in the bleachers as if she had made a basket! This praise and encouragement spreads to my friends as well. If I'm told of a promotion or a recent healthy lifestyle change it's a must that I show praise and applaud them!


Now, to fast forward to the parade; I was with a lovely group of people whom I had gotten the chance to socialize with before the parade started. As the parade began different vendors and businesses came down with their floats, some playing music and some interacting with the crowd. I found myself to be the only one dancing while the tune filled floats passed by and the only one waving when the people involved in the parade waved in our group’s direction. Not a big deal right? Wrong. My mood completely sunk when the town’s fire department drove by and received no real applause except from myself and a handful of others. My heart sank completely when our veterans who were all being pushed by wheelchairs passed by and received the weakest applause known to man. My seven year old daughter, two year old son and I clapped for them until they passed our group. What happened next SHOULD have caused me to take action.


As the vets made their way down the street a group of people cheered so loud and proud for them. I was so happy yet so disappointed I was in the low energy crowd. Without thinking I blurted out,” I'm in the wrong group!” As the parade went on nothing changed except for my own energy. The woman who truly finds joy out of celebrating others had become so drained by the lack of energy and excitement of those around me that I ended up staying almost silent for the remainder of the parade. Instead of moving to the crowd that I could've generated more energy from she stayed in the depressing crowd that I began with. Why didn't I move?


It's simple. It's the same reason a lot of people don't ever reach their full potential. It was convenient to stay. The line was long, my view at the time was good, but honestly, I'm sure it could have been better if I would have taken the chance to relocate. Yes, it's true. Your vibe has the power to attract your tribe but in this case my appointed tribe affected my vibe in a negative way.


My hope is that whoever reads this will remember that the next time you find yourself in a position where your tribe is negatively affecting your vibe that it's okay to leave. It's okay to require a higher level of energy from those who you surround yourself with. Those who have emotional energy will give. Those with no emotional energy will take. If you're a giver don't surround yourself with nothing but takers.


BY: Diona Limas via Senior EIC Le'Keshia Smith